Id card is important for every employee as it represents your position in your company. Badge holders are designed to carry Id cards for employees. It is safe to have your Id card in badge holders as it always be safe and with you. There are different types of Badge holders in UAE , all differ according to their shape , size and features. Following are the types of Badge holders:

Earth-Friendly Holders: If you want to make yourself environment safe, then use holders that contain no toxic chemicals. Earth friendly holders will be safe for you and for the environment.

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Reflective holders: For any Id card holder, safety comes first but it should be clearly visible even in low light also. There are some badge holders which glow in dark which looks great for parties and concerns.

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Shielded smart card holders: Shielded card holders are made to protect government id card from being read by other people. In government smart card, there is a small chip that contains important information which should be protected from others. There is one important feature in Shielded smart card is that, to read the data you just have to squeeze at the top of the holder, it will open and you can read the data by scanner.

Rigid Plastic Holder: This type of badge holder is best and it is perfect for daily use. Rigid Plastic holder is available in different colors and styles. Id card can be slide in and out of the holder by having extractor slide. There is also a convertible card holder that can be used horizontally or vertically.

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Proximity badge holders: Proximity badge holder are excellent for those people who want card holders for open doors during work. This type of card is very expensive and delicate and all id cards will be safe in proximity badge holders.

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Vinyl Holders: Vinyl holder is same as Plastic card holders, this holder is available in different varieties of styles , that are best for different purposes and needs. Vinyl holders have clip at the back of the holders, so that to attach with cloth. This type of holder are used for name tags which can be used in meetings, conferences, events etc.

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The detail of different types of Badge holders in Dubai will be helpful for selecting one of the best holder for your company.