All Id card printers are different from each other, you have to select according to your needs and which suits your business/job needs. Following are the tips to be kept in mind before choosing the ID Card Printer:

1. Printing a double sided or single sided card:
There are many types of card printers available in the market, the one which print on one side of the card is known as single sided and that which prints on both sides of the card is known as duplex or double-sided card. If you want the printer that can print your id card in colour then you have to select double sided card.

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2. Printer that encode a Magnetic Stripe or Smart Card:
There is an option available that you need a card that are encoded by magnetic strip. Magnetic strip is the dark strip which is at the back of the credit cards or driver’s license. Magnetic stripe contains some information about the card holder and it is used for time and attendance or access control system. There are some printers which can print card with encoded magnetic stripe at the back of the card. If the printer can encode magnetic strip at the back of the card then it will be useful for you in the future. If you require more security for your data then you should go for smart card. Smart card offers more security than magnetic stripe, it can add memory storage at the surface of the card.

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3. How many id cards you need to print:
If you want to print many id cards per year then you have to select printer that can produce cards in large volume. These printers have input and output card container that can hold more than 100 cards.

4. Whether you wish for a laminated ID card Printer:
If your card requires lamination so that to protect your image and information for being damaged then select printer than can laminate your Id cards. If you want to select that printer which are capable of doing lamination then select which is composite of PET/PVC cards.
If you want to secure your Id card from being forged then select Printer that can laminate your Id card. This will protect your card from being forged and it will be safe for whole life.

5. Printer with USB and Ethernet Connectivity:
There are many Card Pinter that are available with USB and some are available with Ethernet connectivity. Many card printers are available with a combination of both Ethernet connectivity and USB. Id card experts will help you to select according to your need.

You can find the best Id card printer in UAE which offers all the required needs and best  Card printers in Dubai are available at reasonable price.