Lanyard is worn around the neck to hold one’s valuable things. It can be worn on the wrist, belt to hold important information. This method is one of the simplest and effective one so as to hold information in meetings when someone wants to know your identity, this would help others to know the name quickly and effortlessly. The strings or straps of lanyards are made up of different materials like nylon, fabric blends, cotton etc. Lanyards can be used by any age groups and Genders, Children used lanyards for their keys Mostly, it is used by professional ones.

Lanyards differ in their shape, size and color. Some of them are as follows:

Cord Lanyard: Cord Lanyards are one of the best for Id badges, it is made up of cotton, nylon or polyester. It is one of the cheapest Lanyard and there is an adjustable cord at the top of the lanyard  so that it can be easily adjusted.

Lanyard In DubaiTube Lanyards: Tube Lanyards are very thin like shoelace and are available at low price. It is made up of cotton and polyester blend. This type of Lanyard is best for simple logos and designs which are made up of 1-2 colors.

Lanyard In UAEFlat Lanyards: Flat Lanyards are one of the best choice for event organizers. They are durable and comfortable to wear. It is made up of flat cotton, nylon, and polyester.

Lanyards In SharjahBeaded Lanyards: Beaded Lanyards are made up of plastic or metal. It is worn around the neck to hold ID cards. Metal beaded lanyards are one of the most popular ornamentally designed lanyard which is considered as a piece of jewelry.

Lanyards In UAE

Woven Lanyard: Woven Lanyard are of high quality & long lasting. This type of lanyard is used by schools, companies  for their Id Badges.

Lanyards In Sharjah

Custom Lanyards: Custom Lanyards are customized according to your needs, it is made up of flat cotton, nylon, and polyester. This type of lanyard is used to promote the brand by having company logo, name on them.

Lanyards In Dubai

Lanyards in UAE  & Lanyards in Dubai have multiple functions and the best quality  and due to this they are available in a large number.